RPG Transaction FAQs

Q. What is the transaction between Renal Purchasing Group (RPG) and NRAA/RSE?

A. NRAA/RSE has sold its partnership interest in RPG to Cardinal Health, the parent company of Metro Medical.

Q. How will this transaction affect my RPG membership?

A. We anticipate the transaction to be seamless to your organization and will not affect your RPG membership in any way.

Q. Will there be any interruptions with purchasing through RPG?

A. None. Your ordering process and account representation will be the same as they are today.

Q. What will happen with my pricing?

A. RPG remains the largest group purchasing organization exclusively for dialysis and nephrology. As a result, RPG will continue to offer the same competitive pricing as always. Further, with Cardinal Health’s broad reach and extensive manufacturer relationships, we anticipate RPG’s ability to negotiate with manufacturers will be even stronger.

Q. As a member of RPG, what benefits can I expect from the new ownership?

A. Because this transaction deepens Metro Medical and Cardinal Health’s commitment to the kidney care industry, members will see continued value in contracting, along with access to more advanced technology and tools to help deliver quality patient care.

Q. When did the transaction take place?

A. The transaction officially closed on June 30, 2016.

Q. Why is NRAA/RSE ending its relationship with RPG?

A. NRAA/RSE, after careful assessment of its position in the market and working with an independent consulting firm, concluded that selling NRAA’s shares in RPG to Cardinal Health would be a win-win situation for its members and the two organizations. The new organizational structure will allow NRAA/RSE to focus on providing the highest level of service, education and advocacy support to its members.

Q. Who can I contact about any further questions or concerns regarding this transaction?

A. For more information, please contact the following:
•RPG: Merry Wyman, RPG Manager, at mywyman@rpggpo.com
•NRAA/RSE: Marc Chow, NRAA Executive Director, at mchow@nraa.org